Giving Back

We do a fair amount of fundraising at SouledOut. Primarily, these funds go to cover the cost of travel across the globe. However, on occasion, campaigns have an excess after the journey is through. You know what Justin Timberlake says—what goes around comes around, baby—so once our travels are through, we donate 50-percent of the excess funds to charity.

Either way you slice it, your donation to the SouledOut crew is going to be used for good. Our two charities of choice right now two organizations that work protect public lands in the United States. Those lands include places like national parks, national monuments, and other areas where hikers, photographers, backpackers, bikers and anyone who loves the outdoors can appreciate. It is our hope to, in a small way, give back to these lands and help preserve them for future wanderers.

Inspired by the legendary 1903 Yosemite Valley camping trip of Theodore Roosevelt and John Muir—two men who represented polar opposites of the political spectrum, yet came together over nature—our charities of choice represent outdoor adventurers of all walks of life.

Those two charities are the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership and The Wilderness Society. Both represent different sides of the fence when it comes to environmental conversation in the United States—the TRCP advocating for fishermen and hunters and The Wilderness Society advocating for hikers and recreational visitors.

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